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your Luxury Boudoir session

A little nervous about what to expect from your session? That's ok and totally normal! But we pride ourselves on creating the best experience for you. At Lock and Key Photography, we offer a tailored experience that is designed to make you feel comfortable and confident. Our professional team will provide you with pose and expression coaching to ensure that you get the perfect shot that captures your unique beauty. We strive to make every shoot an enjoyable and empowering experience. 

It Starts With a Call

To start the process, we offer a complimentary consultation call to get to know your why - why do you want to do a boudoir session? We want to understand your needs and make sure you feel comfortable and confident for your session. We also want you to get to know us a little better, so that you feel confident going into such a new, exciting, and vulnerable experience. We will take the time to get to know you and answer any questions you may have. This allows us to customize the session to your wants and needs, incorporating any props, outfits, or specific poses you are hoping to capture! 

A beautiful woman during an outdoor backyard boudoir session in front of a lace teepee set with Lock and Key Photography, L.L.C.

Let's Book A Date!

Once we've talked and gotten to know each other a little better, it's time to book your session! Most clients book a few months in advance to give themselves time to find the perfect wardrobe pieces that make them feel beautiful! We do provide styling and wardrobe tips for the best session, as well as client closet options for you to try! 

Preparing for Your Session

Now that you are booked, it's time to start preparing for your session! You will receive a welcome packet giving you all the tips, tricks, and advice needed for the best possible experience! Have more questions? That's ok! We are here for you! Ongoing communication is important to us at Lock and Key Photography because we want you to feel comfortable and have a safe space to express this side of you in. From wardrobe guidance to tips for the days leading up to your boudoir session, we've got you covered. 

The Session

Now it's time for your big day! Your session starts with pampering with a complimentary professional hair and make-up. Please have clean, dry hair and a clean face for the hair and make-up artist! We offer complimentary hair and make-up to help you feel your best! 

Next it's time to shoot! Our sessions are 90 minutes long. And you can wear as many outfits as time allows. In 90 minutes, you can generally expect to wear between 3 and 5 outfits. 

One thing you will never hear me say is, "Ok now be sexy!" I will guide you through posing and expressions throughout the session, and even demonstrate and show you how to do everything. Periodically, throughout the session I will show you the back of my camera, so that you can see what I am seeing, and feel all the confident feelings that you deserve to feel! 

Photographer for Lock and Key Photography is demonstrating a pose for a boudoir session in Fort Worth.

Gallery Reveal and Ordering Session

About a week or two after your session, we will schedule a gallery reveal and ordering session! This is where you get to see your final images for the first time, and really get to fall in love with yourself all over again! Let that confidence bloom! From here you get to pick your favorite images and order any products that you would like. There is something truly magical about seeing yourself in a final professionally printed luxury album, and our products are a great way to always be able to look back on your amazing experience.

About two to three weeks after your reveal and ordering session we will meet again, this time to deliver your final products! This is one of my absolute favorite parts of the boudoir process is being able to see your expression when you see your images in print! 

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